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Welcome to Grant Family Farm
Grant Family Farm ®
136 Southern Ave., Essex,MA 01929
Grant Family Farm is located in Essex Massachusetts, in a town synonymous with fried clams and marshes. We grow vegetables, perennials, cut flowers, and eggs of the highest quality on 15 acres of land throughout Essex. We specialize in unique and ethnic vegetables as well as staple crops for sale at farmers markets across the North Shore of Massachusetts. 

​Grant Family Farm was started in 2006 as Grant's Plants by Christopher Grant as part of his FFA Supervised Agricultural Experience, and has been growing ever since with a commitment of growing quality products for our customers. 

As Grant Family Farm begins our seventh year of production, we will be selling vegetables, cut flowers, and eggs at farmers markets in Salem and Swampscott, Massachusetts.

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Our Philosophy

The number one question we get is: "are you organic?" The answer: No. The second question is usually "are you conventional?" The answer: No. We cannot claim that we are "organic" because we are not certified by the USDA and a third party. We are not conventional by any means either. We like to think that we are Unconventional when it comes to farming. We use a blend of old school techniques as well as the latest technology on our farm to produce the highest quality vegetables, flowers, and eggs. To control damaging insects we use a whole arsenal of techniques including crop rotation, trap crops, row covers,and natural organic approved insecticides when necessary. When it comes to your food, we have an open door policy. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask!